Please read if you didn’t attend our Rd#5 event

Tim W | 20 June 2017 | Site News | |    

In case you didn’t see our postings at the track or if you didn’t attend Round #5, please read the follow notice:


“Adult racers: before you sign up today please read:

It has recently been brought to our attention that we have quite a few racers that are “riding up” in skill based classes at other race series and then riding a lower class at our series. This has always been one of our most common complaints that we get as a series and the issue needs to be addressed.

Some may or may not know our rules, but just as a reminder everyone should be racing the same skill level based class no matter what series it is that you attend and no matter if the event is AMA sanctioned or not and no matter how many racers may attend a series.

So before you signup today, are you honestly signing up for the correct class based on your skill level? If not your season points with us could be jeopardized from this event forward.

We work very hard to provide everyone a great place to race and we want to be fair with everyone no matter what their skill level may be. We also want to keep it fun for everyone, after all that is the reason we are here to race!”