Round #1 “Black Diamond XC” rescheduled for Sunday April 22nd

Tim W | 18 April 2018 | 2018 Events | |    

As you all know by now we had to cancel our Round#1 event that was originally planned for the 15th due to heavy rains in the area. I absolutely hate cancelling events, only 2 due to weather in 7 years;) but it was the best thing for all of us that day as it would have been an absolute disaster if we proceeded with racing due to the rains that hit throughout Saturday night and continued all day last Sunday. Another downfall of cancellation is rescheduling, which can also be a nightmare in itself trying to find a date that doesn’t have any interference of some sort with our staff, racers or other race series. All of us that run these events have “real” jobs and many other commitments outside of our passion of running this race series and it makes it very difficult to gather up all the different resources that it takes to put on these events on a unplanned weekend.

We have ran several different scenarios about how to make up this event and we feel that the best date for us is this coming Sunday April 22nd at the “Black Diamond XC” in New Plymouth, OH. Our crew as well as the landowners crew has put countless number of hours into making this track and it is all setup and ready to race as well as a great looking forecast for this week and leading into the weekend. We are 100% aware that this is a SC GNCC race date but this is the only option that we have without literally effecting our other scheduled race dates & commitments that we have with future landowners. I totally understand that some of you already have plans or commitments to race the GNCC series this weekend and I urge to continue chasing your national goals if that is what is important to you.

Just as a reminder at our series we have 13 points races planned for this season and we have 4 “throwaways” for the season and we only count your best 9 races towards your year end points so you could easily take a “throwaway” race for this first event if you cant attend this coming Sunday. We have also decided to not count this first event towards our year end “Ironman” racer dedication awards, so you will have to attend the remaining 10 regular WEXCR rounds in order to qualify. Just as a reminder our GNCC Co-sanction events don’t count toward Ironman award qualification, but they can count towards the required 9 events for season championships.

I know this decision will not be a popular one with some and it was a very tough decision for us but we feel it is the best option to get this event under our belt then we can all get back together for our regular scheduled program at round #2 on May 6th at Scenic Lake Raceway. We wish you all the best of luck if you are racing at the GNCC & we will see everyone else Sunday morning as we do our own “10 seconds” yell from the fields of the Black Diamond XC!

If you are new to our series or just want to come check us out for one race, make sure you take a moment to review the page below for info on our event rules, race day schedule and all costs involved.

BLACK DIAMOND XC ADDRESS = 68370 St Rt 56, New Plymouth, OH 45654 – GPS:  39°22’50.01″N  82°23’48.28″W

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