Can-Am UTV Contingency Program

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We would like to welcome Can-Am back on board as a sponsor for our 2016 season. They have put together an excellent contingency program for those of you that race Can-Am UTV’s. They will be offering the following per event Cash payback to the top 3 of our U1 Class.


UTV U1 Class Paybacks:

1st Place = $1,000

2nd Place = $500

3rd Place = $250


Click on this link for our UTV Rules & Race Dates for the 2016 Season


Here’s a little info about the contingency plan from their website:

Racing has always been a key component in our Can-Am DNA structure. We understand that racing is important to you as well, so that’s why we offer an industry-leading contingency program. We view it as a way to reward your loyalty to Can-Am and for your effort on the track.

As a Can-Am racer, you play a vital role in helping us continue to expand our successful racing brand. Racing is why we strive to deliver great ATVs and Side-By-Side vehicles, and also why we want to support you in your effort to win races and earn championships. Select 2013 or newer SxS models are eligible for the program.

The Can-Am contingency program encompasses several regional and national racing series throughout North America. For 2016, we have expanded our Side-By-Side vehicle racing program, including more series.

We encourage you to download the full contingency program schedule and then go for the win!


Click here to find out more info on Can-Am ATV’s & UTV’s 


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Click here to download & print out the 2016 Contingency Form


Model & Rider

2013 and newer model year DS, Outlander, Renegade, Commander, and Maverick models sold by authorized Canada and US Dealers are eligible.

Contingency will be paid to the Bombardier Recreational Products, Inc. (BRP), Sales-Registered* owner.

Contingency payouts will only be issued to riders with a valid US or Canadian mailing address.

Event & Claim

Program Period: January 1st 2016 – December 31st 2016

Contingency will only be paid after:
1. Can-Am receives a Contingency Claim Form from the rider for every qualifying race/win.
2. Confirmation from the race promoter of race results and that the rider competed on a qualified Can-Am model.
3. Of the payee is a US citizen, verification of a valid IRS W-9 form for the payee is on file with BRP. Please send a completed W-9 form. ONE W-9 FORM IS REQUIRED PER YEAR.

Contingency claim forms must be received within forty-five (45) days after the qualified event. Can-Am will NOT pay a claim if the promoter fails to send race results within 45 days after the race date.

In case of a dual sanctioned event, the rider will be paid for one event only.

Contingency awards will be paid based on the rider’s best overall finish in one class, per registered unit, per event.
Contingency will not be paid for multiple classes at the same event with the same machine.

A minimum of five (5) riders in a class (in any event) must start the race for contingency to be paid.

Any riders that falsify a contingency claim will be disqualified from all future contingency programs. Program details and qualifications are subject to change without notice.
In all matters relating to the interpretation or application of any guideline or condition of this program, the decision of Can-Am shall be final.

BRP has the right to cancel or modify this program at any time, without prior notice.
Contingency Payment

Minors will be issued a contingency check only with parental consent. Otherwise, the check must be issued to the Parent-Guardian.

By submitting this claim, Rider and/or Parent/Guardian (if Rider is a minor), grants Can-Am a license to use the Rider’s name, signature, voice, photograph, video, image, likeness, racing number or similar material in any advertisement or sales promotion related to Can-Am product.

All contingencies earned in the 2016 season must be claimed for reimbursement by January 31st 2017.
*Minors riding vehicle registered to a parent or guardian must have the “Minor Exemption” section (on form) completed by their Parent-Guardian.