2021 Class Champions Sizes Needed ASAP!!!

Tim W | 16 October 2021 | Site News | |    

As part of our 2021 season awards each class champion will have their choice to receive either a championship jacket or a premium style hoodie which are custom made with the racers name & class on it! We need each of the champions to send us an email using the link below to let us know if you prefer a jacket or hoodie and we must know your size. For your convenience check out the sizing chart below to help you pick out the correct size.

In your email please use Subject “Class Champion” and make sure to include all of the following info in your email:

Champions name


Preference of Jacket or Hoodie


2021 Sizes Needed copy






You must email us the info by using the link above, use Subject “Class Champion” Social media, texts, phone requests, etc… will not be accepted!

Once your email is received and your information is processed you will receive an confirmation email back stating we received your info as well as you will see your info posted on the list below. (Please be patient: as this is not a automated process, we have to manually process your info so you may not receive confirmation for a day or so). Also please be sure to double check the spelling of your name below to make sure it is correct, if its not please send corrections that need to be made in your info email. Confirmation emails and info requests will start being processed ASAP.

Season Awards Presentation & Open Ride Day will be held on Saturday Oct 30th at Husted Hills in Amesville, OH! Complete details to be released soon… 

2021 Class Champions Jackets or Hoodies
Place Bike# Rider Name Class Jacket/Hoodie Size
Peewee 65cc Beginner
1 228 Brody George PW 65 B Hoodie YM
Peewee Trail Beg
1 545 Tanner Emigh PW Trail Beg Hoodie M
Peewee Adv 9-10
1 99 Ely LePage PW Adv 9-10 Hoodie YM
Peewee Adv 7-8
1 628 KARSON GEORGE PW Adv 7-8 Hoodie YL
Peewee Adv 4str 7-10
1 907 Callie Staats PW Adv 4str Hoodie YXL
Peewee Beg 2str 4-6
1 20 Wesley Cunningham PW Beg 2str Hoodie S
Peewee Beg 4str 4-6
1 35 Eli Bates PW Beg 4str Jacket YM
Mini Quad 125cc 4-Stroke Beginner 7-12
1 621 Marshall Creel MQ 125 Beg Jacket S
Mini Quad A 2str 6-12 110cc
1 100 Ethan Edgar MQ A 2str Jacket S
Mini Quad A 4str – 6-12 110cc
1 42 Ryley Wright MQ A 4str Jacket YL
Youth Bike Super
1 223 CADE STAATS YB Super Hoodie S
Youth Bike Intermediate
1 822 JOSH SHAFFER YB Int Hoodie M
Youth Bike Junior
Youth Bike 65cc Advanced
1 42 Ryley Wright YB 65 A Jacket YL
Youth Bike Trail
1 682 Kolton Moore YB Trail Jacket YXL
Youth Quad Advanced Modified
1 600 CARL FRANK YQ Adv Modified Hoodie XL
Youth Quad Advanced Stock
1 815 Cole Bolyard YQ Adv Stock Hoodie L
Adult Bike Pro
1 501 JOSEPH R CUNNINGHAM Bike Pro Hoodie M
Adult Bike Open A
1 300 WESLEY SCHMIDT Bike Open A Hoodie XL
Adult Bike Lites A
1 711 TYLER HASHMAN Bike Lites A Jacket L
Adult Bike Vet 30+ A
1 378 AARON MILLER Bike Vet 30+ A Jacket L
Adult Bike Senior 40+ A
1 788 ROB SHANK Bike Sen 40+ A Hoodie L
Adult Bike Vet 30+ B
1 781 GARY JUDSON Bike Vet 30+ B Hoodie L
Adult Bike Senior 40+ B
1 365 WES MORRIS Bike Sen 40+ B Hoodie L
Adult Bike Open B
1 321 Payton Gwynn Bike Open B Jacket M
Adult Bike Lites B
1 695 NICHOLAS THOMPSON Bike Lites B Hoodie M
Adult Bike Super Senior 50+
1 411 BILLY EVANS Bike SSen 50 Jacket L
Adult Bike C 13-19
1 685 jason morris Bike C 13-19 Hoodie M
Adult Bike C 20+
1 117 CASEY PEPER Bike C 20+ Hoodie L
Adult Bike C 30+
1 799 Jason Gabriel Bike C 30+ Jacket 2XL
Adult Bike C 40+
1 960 MICHAEL ADKINS Bike C 40+ Jacket L
Adult Quad Pro
1 620 ZACH KNIGHT Quad Pro Jacket M
Adult Quad Open A
1 311 ALEX THIEMAN Quad Open A Hoodie L
Adult Quad Open B
1 717 Evan Grannon Quad Open B Hoodie M
Adult Quad Vet 30+
1 473 CHAD LANE Quad Vet 30 Hoodie L
Adult Quad Senior 40+
1 719 Chris Conklin Quad Sen 40 Jacket XL
Adult Quad Open C
1 384 justyn krupa Quad Open C Hoodie XL
Adult Quad School Boy 13-16
1 74 Kaeden Yuhasz Quad Sch Boy Hoodie L