Limited # of camping spots available at Jackson Farms, click here for details on reserving your spot

Tim W | 14 July 2020 | Site News | |    

Reserve Camping Spots copyHey guys,

We have an awesome new track for you guys to enjoy this weekend at the “Jackson Farm XC” but one drawback to this facility is out of the approx 9+ acres of parking only an approx 3 acre section of it is suitable for parking campers & large box trailers. So if you are interested in bringing your camper to spend the night at the track, we only have 20 spots available, to reserve your spot just send us an email here and the first 20 people to email us will receive a confirmation email with instructions on the area to park in. Please keep in mind I’m out in the woods all day with no service so you will not receive an immediate response to your email but I will be responding to them every evening when I return home.

Also the first turn coming off Wadesville Rd into the property is kinda tight but if your camper is 30′ or less you shouldn’t have a problem just swing wide and be a little cautious when pulling in. Just as a forewarning this is probably not the best place to bring in a 40’+ tri-axle 5th wheel or large RV so please make plans to leave those at home for this event and load up the pickup or a smaller trailer and come see us on race day!