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We are always looking for new property’s to lease to hold our future events to help provide the greatest race tracks for our racers to enjoy. If you or anyone you know has some property that meets the following requirements, send us an email with the landowners contact info and we will get in touch with them. We need a bare minimum of 125+ acres (prefer more) to build a decent length track as well as a semi level 6-8+ acre field for parking & start area, which must have easy, off the road access. No existing trails on the property, no problem, we have plenty of equipment and experience to build a great trail system from scratch. Property’s can be joined together with neighboring landowners with their permission of course! Must be within 1hr to 2hr drive max from Parkersburg, WV area.

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This page has a lot of info that is very helpful for beginners to our series


Rd#1 – Saturday April 8th – “Reno Raceway” – Reno, OH – **Sat Eve Pit Bike & Moto Mom Rd#1**

Track Directions: 340 Raceway Lane, Marietta, OH 45750 – GPS: 39°23’59.40″N  81°21’1.27″W


Rd#2 – Sunday April 30th – “Husted Hills” – Amesville, OH – Presented By: Osburn Offroad

Track Directions: 16350 Telephone Tower Rd, Amesville, OH 45711 – GPS: 39°25’36.79″N 81°53’5.87″W


Rd #3 – Sunday May 28th – “Dynamite Valley” – Chesterhill, OH – **Sun Eve Pit Bike & Moto Mom Rd#2**

Track Directions: 7333 Moon Lane Chesterhill, OH 43728 – GPS:39°29’38.53″N  81°53’44.87″W


Rd #4 – Sunday June 18th – “Jacksons Farm XC” – Mineral Wells, WV

Track Directions: 9194 Wadesville Road, Mineral Wells, WV 26150 – GPS:  39° 5’43.12″N   81°35’47.41″W


Rd #5 – Sunday July 16th – “Tower Ridge XC” – Belpre, OH **BRAND NEW TRACK**

Track Directions: 1199 Braun Rd, Belpre, OH 45714 – GPS: 39°17’27.41″N  81°35’40.37″W



Rd #6 – Sunday July 30th – “Black Rock XC” – Sharpsburg, OH

Track Directions: 17159 Joy Rd, Chesterhill, OH 43728 – GPS: 39°26’28.64″N 81°55’17.47″W


Rd #7 & Rd#8 – Double Header Weekend!! – **Sat Eve Pit Bike & Moto Mom Rd#3**

Saturday August 19th & Sunday August 20th – “Constitution Ridge” – Belpre, OH
Track Directions: 1434 Barth Road Belpre, OH 45714 – GPS: 39°21’25.72″N 81°36’30.73″W

2023 Season Finale! :(


Rd #9 – Sunday Oct 1st – Tower Ridge XC -2 – Belpre, OH

Track Directions: Use this link for directions to the track – GPS: 39°17’27.41″N  81°35’40.37″W