2024 Race Results

2024 Season Standings


Any questions or issues with results must be brought up at the track the day of the event. 

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2024 Season Championship Qualifications:

All divisions (except Pitbike/Motomoms) will have a 10 round points race series for the 2024 Season. To be eligible for the season ending Championship Trophy and Prizes, you must race at least 8 of the 10 races in the same class and same division and complete at least 1 lap. DNF’s and DNS’s do not count towards the required 8 races for a championship. Class championships will be determined by the rider’s best 8 event finishes. So you will have 2 throw away races for 2024!

Ties for year end class championships or other class positions will be broken by the most first place finishes, then by the most second place finishes, then by the most third place finishes, etc., until the tie is broken.**

Please take notice if you move, change or are advanced by WEXCR to another class you do not get to take your current points or the number of races you have raced with you to the new class. So please choose your appropriate class as you could cost yourself a championship if you move or change during the race season.

revised 2-24-24


For any questions or issues with results please click here to send us an email.

Please do not send requests through social media.