2022 AOMC Contingency Program


We are pleased to announce that all 2022 WEXCR events qualify for AOMC’s BraapCash Rewards!!!  Every racer properly signed up will receive $10 in BraapCash Rewards per event that is attended!!

** New for 2022!!**

A few new steps are needed in order to get properly setup for this special rewards program:

If you do not already have a AOMC BraapCash account, make sure you click here and get an account created today!

You will also need to provide us with the same email address during our event registration process on race days.

If you have multiple racer entries in your family, you will now just have to provide us with the same email address that is tied to your AOMC BraapCash Rewards account and you will receive credits for each entry under 1 account!!

After each attended event you will receive a $10 credit to your AOMC BraapCash account, which you will be notified via email once it is added.

You can also receive BraapCash Rewards for product reviews, social media shares, referrals and purchases at AOMC.

For more information and to get started earning rewards, visit AOMC’s BraapCash Rewards


**Racers you are responsible for providing the registration crew with your email address, as well as verifying that it is correct in our system. Just ask them to check our system the next time you are registering for our events. If you don’t provide them with your email address we cant get the BraapCash credit to your AOMC Account. Also your email address must be in our system the day of the event in order to receive contingency for that event. We cant go back and reissue contingency for previous rounds if your email address wasn’t in our system.**