2024 Season Number Reservation System Is Now Closed

Tim W | 25 February 2024 | Site News | |    

Online # Reservation Is Now Closed!

Numbers will be issued on a 1st come, 1st serve basis during signups at the track before each event.

# Reservations

Finally the start of our race season is very very near, in just a few more weeks we will be kicking off our season at Reno Raceway located in Reno, OH on Saturday March 30th!!!

Our online number reservation system is now activated online so if you haven’t already reserved your number get it done ASAP! After the reservation system is closed on Sunday March 24th at midnight, the numbers will be issued on a “first come, first serve basis” on each race day. Just as a reminder this does not “pre-register” you for a event, you still have to come to the yellow registration trailer with your helmet, signup forms and payment but this will greatly help speed up the signup process on our opening race day!

Please take a couple minutes and read this page thoroughly then at the bottom of this page click on the “Online Number Reservation” link to pre-enter your information into our registration database as well as to reserve your race # for the 2024 season. It is not mandatory, but it is very helpful to pick the number that you run on your race machines number plates.

Before starting your request make sure you checkout our available classes for the 2024 season & class rules to see this seasons class selections as we have made some revisions. Please review those pages to make sure you are entering the correct class when entering your information.

 When choosing your class for the 2024 race season please make sure you honestly choose the class according to your skill level, sandbagging in any class will not be tolerated at all. Everyone should be racing the same skill level based class no matter what series it is that you attend or no matter if the event is AMA sanctioned or not and no matter how many racers may attend a series.

When completing your request make sure you follow the instructions and complete  **ALL** information fields, including emergency contact info.  If you submit a request with partial info and you provided us with a valid email, you will receive an email back stating that you must resubmit your request with full info which could cause you to lose your number if another racer is requesting the same number. Also when reserving your numbers, **you must give us 3 different choices** on the numbers that you would like, numbers can only be 3 digit or less, no letters can be added. Please don’t send a request with just one # or the same # for all 3 choices. Numbers will be reserved on a first come first serve basis, so we must have alternate numbers in case your first pick has already been submitted by another racer.

You can click on the “Season Number Availability” link below to see the numbers that are available in your race division. We will try to approve requests every couple days to keep this list current. If you don’t immediately get your confirmation email, please be patient and don’t send in another request. If there is a problem with your first request, you will receive an email back asking for a resolution.


2024 Overall Reserved #’s

The following racers have the rights to the numbers below based on their overall finishing position in their division from the 2023 race season. If you are one of these racers it is not mandatory to run these numbers, if you would like to run another number just let us know on your reservation form. If you are moving up a division, example: from peewee bike to youth bike or youth bike to adult bike, you cannot carry your overall number with you. This is just for those of you that are staying in the same division to defend your overall position. The following numbers are not available to any other racer even if the racers below choose a different race #.

2024 Reserved Race #’s
Bike# Rider Name
Overall Pee Wee
1 Owen Niceswanger
2 Reid Wires
3 Bentley Myers
4 Trip Jennewein
5 Drew Glotfelty
Overall Mini Quad
1 Stratton Weddle
2 Aiden Corder
3 Dezyl Spencer
4 Lydia Arnold
5 Brantley Thompson
Overall Youth Bike
1 Huntre Johnson
2 Bobby Christman
3 Gavin Pigott
4 Ryan Conkey
5 Karson George
Overall Youth Quad
1 Eli Edgar
2 Aden Mcgomery
3 Caleb Stoops
4 Uriah Kitts
5 Gavin Young
Overall Bike
1 Triston Landrum
2 Matthew Drayer
3 Cope Beckert
4 Dacota Abbott
5 Cade Staats
6 Gauge Moore
7 Jeremy Dexter
8 Hunter Hurst
9 Brayden Sylvester
10 Aaron Higgins
Overall Quad
1 Alex Thieman
2 Jason Dailey
3 Ryan Hendershot
4 Branden Owens
5 J.R. Brown
6 Josh DeNoble
7 Wyatt Curfman
8 Matthew Briggs
9 Jake Stevenson
10 Austin Lockhart


Below is the list of Racers that are required to advance in classes due to their 2023 season results per our advancement rules:

2023 Class & Advancement Reason Racer 2024 Class Options
Peewee Bike 65cc Beginner Champion Owen Niceswanger Youth Bike 65cc Advanced
Youth Quad Adv Modified 2nd Overall Aden McGomery Youth Quad Super Modified
Adult Bike Vet 30+ B Champion Shelby Brookover  Adult Bike Vet A 30+, Open A or A Lites
Adult Bike Sr 40+ B Champion Jason Cottrill  Adult Bike Sr A 40+, Open A or A Lites
Adult Bike Open B Champion Hunter Hurst  Adult Bike Open A, A Lites or Pro
Adult Bike B-Lites Champion Cade Staats Adult Bike Open A or A Lites
Adult Bike C 13-19 Champion Julian Loy Adult Bike Open B or B Lites
Adult Bike C 20+ Champion Justin Bathrick Adult Bike Open B or B Lites
Adult Bike C 30+ Champion Kyle Walters Adult Bike C 20+, Vet B 30+, Open B or B Lites
Adult Bike C 40+ Champion Tony Spencer Adult Bike C 30+, Vet B 30+, Vet 40+ B, Open B or B Lites
Adult Quad 2nd Overall Jason Dailey Adult Quad Pro or Vet 30+
Adult Quad 3rd Overall Ryan Hendershot Adult Quad Pro
Adult Quad Open B Champion Josh DeNoble Adult Quad Open A
Adult Quad C 16-21 Champion Zach Britton Adult Quad Open B
Adult Quad C 16-21 Champion Austin Lockhart Adult Quad Open B



2024 Class Listing (click here)

2024 Season Number Availability (click here)

Once this window opens, select bike# availability on the drop down menu & select your appropriate division to see available numbers. Remember you must give us 3 different options, in case someone has already selected your 1st choice. Please keep in mind, although you don’t see a number on this list already reserved, someone could have already submitted their reservation for the number and it hasn’t been processed yet.

Online Number Reservation System (click here)

Please follow the directions & complete all information fields.