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Unfortunately our points season has come to an end but before we hang up all our tools for the season, we are going to host one last fun racing event for 2019 on Saturday October 19th @ the Mothman XC track outside... Read More »
Tim W | 13 October 2019 | Site News | |    

RD# 11 Season Points Finale “THE MOTHMAN XC” Sunday Oct 6th – Leon, WV

On Sunday October 6th we will be hosting our final season points event at “The Mothman XC” an all brand new track located in Leon, WV! We are definitely excited to be able to bring you guys a track in WV... Read More »
Tim W | 28 September 2019 | Site News | |    

Rd#10 Constitution Ridge 2 – Sunday Sept 22nd – Belpre, OH

On Sunday Sept 22nd we will be hosting our 10th round of racing for the 2019 race season at “Constitution Ridge” located just outside of Belpre, OH! This location was originally scheduled for our final round of the season but... Read More »
Tim W | 16 September 2019 | Site News | |    

Round #10 & 11 Location changes!!!

Hey guys, We will be making some location changes for the final 2 rounds of our 2019 season. Rd #10 will now be held at Constitution Ridge in Belpre, OH on Sunday Sept 22nd and Rd#11 will be held at... Read More »
Tim W | 11 September 2019 | Site News | |    

Rd#9 “Husted Hills 2″ Sunday Sept 8th – Amesville, OH

  On Sunday September 8th we will be hosting our round#9 event at “Husted Hills 2” located just outside of Amesville, OH. This is our 2nd stop at this facility for the 2019 season and this time the track... Read More »
Tim W | 02 September 2019 | Site News | |    

Rd#8 “Racers Ranch” Sunday August 25th – Cutler, OH

On Sunday Aug 25th we will be hosting our round#8 event at “Racers Ranch” located just outside of Cutler, OH. Overall this track has a pretty good variety of terrain to tackle from tight technical sections, open high speed GP field... Read More »
Tim W | 18 August 2019 | Site News | |    

Rd#7 “Dynamite Valley” Sunday August 4th – Chesterhill, OH

On Sunday August 4th we will be hosting our 7th round of ATV & Motorcycle racing of our 2019 race season at “Dynamite Valley” located in Chesterhill, OH! Its hard to believe that its been 3 years since we’ve... Read More »
Tim W | 31 July 2019 | Site News | |    

Round #5 Sunday June 30th At Constitution Ridge – Belpre, OH

On Sunday June 30th we will be hosting our 5th round of racing for the 2019 race season at “Constitution Ridge” located just outside of Belpre, OH! Constitution Ridge is full of racing history as many local races have been... Read More »
Tim W | 24 June 2019 | Site News | |    

Round #4 Sunday June 16th At Warrior Raceway – Vincent, OH

On Sunday June 16th we will be hosting our Round#4 at Warrior Raceway located just outside of Vincent, OH.  Our previous rounds here have been a hit with all the racers & spectators as this is one of our... Read More »
Tim W | 09 June 2019 | Site News | |    

Attention All Racing Dads: Get Ready For The Fathers Day Challenge!!!

Go dig your race gear out of the garage, blow the dust off your race machines and get ready to have some fun with your kids on June 16th at Warrior Raceway in Vincent, OH ! Since we will... Read More »
Tim W | 09 June 2019 | Site News | |    
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