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Rd#6 & Rd#7 “Double Header Weekend” Sat July 30th & Sun August 1st – Scenic Lake Raceway – Glouster, OH

The most anticipated event of the year, our Double Header Weekend is almost here!! We will be hosting our 6th & 7th round of racing on Saturday July 31st and Sunday August 1st at “Scenic Lake Raceway” located just... Read More »
Tim W | 26 July 2021 | 2021 Events, Site News | |    

Rd#5 Husted Hills 2 – Sunday July 11th – Amesville, OH

  Round #5 is almost here & we are excited to be back again at Husted Hills in Amesville, OH on Sunday July 11th!! This is the 2nd stop at this facility for this season but this one will... Read More »
Tim W | 05 July 2021 | Site News | |    

Who wants to win some free race passes??

Who’s ready for a giveaway!? Here’s the details…   *There will be 3 winners . 1st place will win a FREE race pass and a FREE gate entry at husted hills . 2nd place will win a FREE race... Read More »
Tim W | 04 July 2021 | Site News | |    

It can pay to “Fly” in Fly Racing Gear for the remainder of the 2021 season!

Hey guys, I just wanted to put out another reminder about the great benefits of our contingency program with Fly Racing which I think many of you are missing out on taking advantage of this program! If you havent signed up... Read More »
Tim W | 03 July 2021 | Site News | |    

Rd#4 Jackson Farms XC – Sunday June 20th – Mineral Wells, WV

We are super excited to bring you guys back to a newer facility for our series as we kickoff Rd#4 this coming SUNDAY June 20th at the “Jackson Farm XC” located just outside of Mineral Wells, WV!! Last year we... Read More »
Tim W | 14 June 2021 | Site News | |    

Limited # of camping spots available at Jackson Farms, click here for details on reserving your spot

Hey guys, We have an awesome new track for you guys to enjoy this weekend at the “Jackson Farm XC” but one drawback to this facility is out of the approx 9+ acres of parking only an approx 3... Read More »
Tim W | 14 June 2021 | 2021 Events, Site News | |    

Round#2 Postponed Until Sunday May 16th

Hey guys, sorry for the delay just got back to cell signal and to meet with the landowners. The final decision has been made and we are going to postpone the race until next Sunday the 16th! It will... Read More »
Tim W | 08 May 2021 | Site News | |    

Round#2 track update:

Hey guys we are getting tons of questions asking if we are still racing at Husted Hills this Sunday! So here is the answer, as of Friday at 4pm: we are working hard and praying that we can still... Read More »
Tim W | 07 May 2021 | Site News | |    

Rd#1 Saturday Evening Special Events

On Saturday evening after the adult quad race is over and the track is cleared, around 5:45pm we will also be having another special “exhibition” event for our little up and coming future racers that have striders and the... Read More »
Tim W | 28 March 2021 | Site News | |    

2021 Locations are all finalized!!!

We may not have got the holeshot on others but we are going to bring you all another winning race season for 2021! If you haven’t saw on the schedule page of our website yet, we will be kicking... Read More »
Tim W | 16 March 2021 | Site News | |    
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