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Team WEXCR Snowshoe shirts will be available for pickup or purchase at Adam McGill’s Pro Pit’s on Saturday morning from 830am to 10am. Pro pits are located just below the starting area by the village. So make sure you stop by during this time period to pickup your shirts.

Below is the list of the racers that will receive 1 FREE shirt and we will have extras available for friends & family for $15 each.

If you are not able to make it to Adam’s Pits on Sat morning to pickup your shirts we will have them with us at the platform/stage by the finish line for a big group picture on Saturday evening at 6pm so make sure you stop by to join us!

Good luck to all of you racing this weekend!!


2014 WEXCR Snowshoe GNCC Team List updated 6-19-14 12:00pm
Final List
Bikes Class Size
Aaron Stuter Open C 22+ L
Alex Ankrom B-Lites L
Blake Matheny 125 B/C M
Bob Dunlap Open A L
Brady Myers A-Lites M
Braden Hashman 65cc YM
Brayden Coler Super Mini 14-15 M
Brayden Roberts Super Mini 12-13 M
Bryce Merrill 85cc 12-13 M
Casey Simmons 85cc Jr S
Charles Morrison 250B M
Chase Light 250C 12-19 M
Cody Eakins Open C M
Dacota Abbott Sportsman A M
Doug Blackwell Senior A XL
Dr Steve Thaxton Senior 45+ A XL
Eric Breitmeier Sportsman A L
Gage Collins 250C 12-19 M
Garrett Coe B-Lites L
Gary Vallish Golden Masters 2XL
Hunter Ayers B-Lites M
James Bennett Senior 40+ A XL
Jamie Wells 250C 12-19 M
Jason Lipscomb Super Mini 14-15 M
Jayce Knopp Super Mini 14-15 M
Justin Parsons Sportsman A L
Kevin Sutphin 250B L
Lindsey Morgan Sportsman A/B M
Michael Miller 65cc YL
Nick Flowers Sportsman B L
Payton Gwynn 65cc 10-11 YL
Peter Wharton Open C 22+ 2XL
Ross Spencer 250C 12-19 L
Sam Evans XC2 XL
Sam Staknaker 250C 12-19 L
Samantha Vallish Womens Amatuer S
Thad Duvall XC1 XL
Tom Morrison Masters 60+ 2XL
Travis Nighland 250C L
Troy Stanley Senior 45+ A L
Tyler Lynn Open C L
Tyler Nighland 250C L
Tyler Rose 250C 12-19 L


Quads  Class Size
Adam McGill XC1 L
Anthony Herring College A L
Blake Tornes College A L
Braden Henthorn XC1 M
Brycen Neal XC1 L
Casey Simmons 90cc S
Chris Gage 19+C M
Chris ONeall XC2 XL
Cody Collier Schoolboy A/B M
Dale Batson 35+C L
Daniel Ransbottom 22+C XL
Devan Barker Schoolboy 13-15C M
Dustin Briscoe Junior B L
Dustin Burkhammer College B XL
Dustin Pigott Sportsman A&B M
Jon Barker C 40+ XL
Josh Doyle 90cc S
Josh Simmons College A M
Kylie Ahart WXC M
Madison Miller 90cc YL
Mark Batson Vet 30+ B L
Mark Smith Vet 35+ C XL
Michael Fulton Jr A 22+ M
Mike Daugherty Vet A XL
Mike Neff 24+C L
Riley Doyle 90cc S
Sam Lamp Vet 30+ B XL
Sean Keefer Sport Trail M
Shane Kittle Schoolboy A/B M
Todd Burer Sportsman A&B L
Zachary Miller 90cc M


Alan Kittle 1 L
Allyson Sutphin 1 M
Angie Knopp 1 L
Angie Knopp 1 XL
Braydon Halstead 1 YS
Bridget Whyte 1 L
Brody B Linville 1 M
Brody B Linville 1 S
Chelsea Blair 1 S
Hayley Henthorn 1 M
Jason Hashman 1 L
Jon Barker 1 XL
Justin Parsons 1 S
Justin Parsons 1 M
Kelli Collins 1 2XL
Kelli Collins 1 XL
Kelli Collins 1 L
Kelli Collins 1 S
Kelli Collins 1 YM
Kevin Doyle 1 L
Kevin Doyle 1 2XL
Kevin Matheny 1 XL
Kia Christine 1 S
Kristy Hashman 1 M
Luke Smith 1 L
Mary Hogan 1 XL
Mary Hogan 1 2XL
Mikeys 2 Dads 2 L
Nikki Halstead 1 XL
Renee Griffith 2 M
Renee Griffith 1 XL
Rita Lipscomb 2 S
Rita Lipscomb 1 M
Seneca Whyte 1 S
Shelly Sutphin 1 L

We are in the process of getting some special T-shirts made to help show support to our local WEXCR racers who are going to be racing at the Snowshoe GNCC coming up on June 21st & 22nd 2014. We are going to come up with a new tshirt design and we will have all our racers names & GNCC classes listed on the back of the shirts. This is limited only to WEXCR racers that will be entering into the Snowshoe event and each WEXCR racer will receive 1 FREE Tshirt! Additional Tshirts will be available for family & friends for $15 each and we are hoping to have them all available for pickup at our Rd# 5 event at Constitution Ridge on June 15th.

In order to make this happen we need all Racer Names, GNCC class & Tshirt sizes emailed to us before Wednesday June 11th in order to get the shirts made in time for Rd#5 distribution. I know this is short notice but help us spread the word and lets help support our series racers as they go to tackle “Americas Toughest Race!”

See below for the list of Racers that we have so far and if you don’t see a size listed beside your name we need you to email us your size before the deadline! Also make sure you double check spelling of your name & classes as what is shown on this list is what will be printed on T-Shirts unless you notify us via email, also please do not send messages via social media as they will not be accepted, we need your info sent via email in order to keep organized. I’ll do my best to update this info daily.


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