Attention: July 27th event @ Anderson Farms will be postponed!!

Tim W | 18 July 2014 | Site News | |    

We will be postponing our next event that was originally scheduled to be held on Sunday July 27th. Some of you may or may not have already heard, but during the severe storms that hit our area on July 8th a very large tree fell on my parents house and basically destroyed half of it. Luckily they escaped without injury but they are unable to live in the house for the time being and probably will not be able to for the next several months. Over the next couple weeks I need to focus my extra time on helping them deal with cleaning up, insurance claims, contractors etc. during the repair & rebuild process. Running the WEXCR race series is very important to me but I’ve got to put my family first during this time of need.

We will be holding our Round #7 which will now be the “Black Rock XC” located in Sharpsburg, OH on Sunday August 10th, event page & directions will be posted soon. We will still be running a 10 round points race series for this season and I’m currently working on coming up with a solution to make up the postponed event. We will be back to “Anderson Farms” (not the same as Rd#6 “Anderson Acres”) in the near future to continue more rounds of racing, so stay tuned as I will announce as soon as I get everything finalized. Also during this time off we will be investing in a new computer networking system that will cure the issues that have plagued us over the past 2 events and this will greatly speedup our operations on race day.

To keep yourself in shape and to get some seat time make sure you check out these other local racing events and we’ll see you all again on 8-10 in Sharpsburg, OH.