Just a reminder about our General Event Rules

Tim W | 10 June 2023 | Site News | |    


Over the past several events we’ve noticed an huge increase in pit riding (bikes, quads, golf carts, pit bikes & side by sides) and just want to put out a reminder that it is not permitted at our events.

There has been a few folks out there that are causing potential dangerous situations and we need to put a stop to it now. These rules are not just for the pits & parking areas; but they also apply to the ENTIRE event property.

Here is a link to our General Event Rules & Procedures, whether if you are new to our series or not, please take a few minutes to review them and parents please educate your kids as well.

We want to provide you all with the best racing series around and we need your cooperation to help keep everyone safe so we can continue to put on great events for you all in the future!