Rd#1 Saturday Evening Special Events

Tim W | 28 March 2021 | Site News | |    

Strider & Pitbikes copy

On Saturday evening after the adult quad race is over and the track is cleared, around 5:45pm we will also be having another special “exhibition” event for our little up and coming future racers that have striders and the battery powered stacycs. These will be broke down into separate events one for Striders and the other for the Stacycs. The track will consist of a small loop around our finish line area. This is not a competition event, its just for fun and to get our lil ones ready for future competition events when they can enter the peewee ranks. There is no sign up fee, (its FREE!) for this event, just show up behind the registration trailer around 5:30pm and await for instructions. All riders must have a bicycle style or full face helmet in order to participate!

After the Strider & Stacyc race we will then be doing our “Pit Bike XC Challenge” at 6:30pm! This will be a 30min race to take place on the MX track & some woods sections of the track! This event is open to any adult racers or youth 12 or older on pitbikes and the following safety equipment is required: helmets, goggles, long pants and boots that cover your ankles. We will have the following classes available to choose from:
Pro – (open class) mods allowed
110 – 110cc max – stock only
50 – 50cc only
Entry fee is $25.00 and we have special awards for each of the classes plus overall award. You must come to the registration trailer to sign up and make sure you bring your helmet so we can check your transponder, if you don’t have a transponder they can be purchased for $10.00.