Tim W | 29 April 2017 | 2017 Events, Site News | |    
RD#2 UPDATE AS OF SATURDAY 12:30pm, we are still planning on holding our event tomorrow as we originally scheduled. We did receive some rain last night and a short storm just rolled thru around 11am with some pretty hard rains leaving part of the entrance road and main parking field a little wet and slick.
With this being said, if you haven’t left your house yet and you were planning on bringing a camper to the track this evening I highly recommend that you leave it at home and load up your race machines in a pickup or smaller trailer head to track tomorrow. If you are already headed this way or traveling a long distance with a camper, we will have some alternative areas for you to park but the space is very limited. So please make it easier for yourself and us by waiting until tomorrow to come to track.
As of right now it looks like the forecast is clearing up later this afternoon and it looks nice for tomorrows race. The road and parking area does drain and dry up quick and we have equipment on site to help pull anyone if you would happen to get stuck.
So if possible load up a smaller trailer or throw your bike or quad in the 4×4 pickup truck, bring your mud boots and lets get ready for another adventurous round with WEXCR!!!
PS: I have no cell or data signal at the track, so i had to venture into town to get service. So with that being said I wont be able to answer questions or respond to comments. If for some crazy reason we would have to cancel event it will be posted on facebook & wexcr.com. SO IF YOU DON’T SEE ANY CANCELLATIONS POSTED WE ARE RACING!!!