Rd#3 Sunday May 28th Dynamite Valley – Chesterhill, OH Presented by: Optimized Enduro

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Round#3 is almost here! We will be hosting this round of racing at “Dynamite Valley” just outside of Chesterhill, OH this coming Sunday the 28th!! We are pumped to be holding this event at Dynamite Valley as it is always a crowd favorite for the racing and the beautiful surrounding scenery which is going to make a great place to spend your Memorial Day weekend!! You all will really enjoy this new layout as it has kind of a old school style layout with some technical and challenging areas but yet still fun for all skill levels! Stay tuned for more details to be released soon…

This round is presented by Optimized Enduro: Check out their website below for their full line of quality protection and performance parts and take advantage of some extra savings by using coupon code: WEXCR23 for an extra 15% of their product line!

Thanks to Optimized Enduro every division from Peewees to Moto moms will have a chance to win a free gate pass for pulling the holeshot in their start row! Also a $100 Bonus will go out to the top Amateur Overall for the Adult Bike and Quad Divisions
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Whether you’re a national champion, a hard enduro nut, a weekend trail rider, or anything in between; Optimized Enduro is built for you. We all know how expensive our sport is, from bikes, to race entries, travel, and parts, it’s a wonder we don’t go bankrupt. That’s why Optimized Enduro was created. We produce the best quality protection and performance parts on the market and we price them low enough so that everyone can afford them. Get the best bang for your buck. Get Optimized!


The parking area at this facility has fairly easy off the road access and there is plenty of room to bring in your toy haulers or campers in to make it a full weekend family adventure with us (gates close at 11pm) As always there is no extra charge for primitive camping. There is also plenty of great fishing to be done at several nice lakes on this property! So this makes for a nice place to do some camping and have some relaxation before Sundays race!! You are also welcome to camp out on Sunday evening if you wish. See the bottom of this page for track address & directions.


Also we will now be having the strider/stacycs events at every round on the starting line right after the Adult Quads take off around 4:00pm! These will be special “exhibition” events for our little up and coming future racers that have striders and the battery powered stacycs. They will be broke down into separate events one for Striders and the other for the Stacycs. The track will consist of a small loop around our starting line area and this is not a competition event, its just for fun and to get our lil ones ready for future competition events when they can enter the peewee ranks. There is no sign up fee, (its FREE!) for this event, just show up at the start line area after the adult quads take off and await for instructions. All riders must have a bicycle style or full face helmet in order to participate!



Brutus And Company BBQ

Brutus And Company will be onsite serving up their delicious BBQ for all our racers & fans!


Kona Truck Web

Kona Ice will be onsite serving their delicious tropical shaved treats which is a great refresher after your race!


Check out all the great contingency programs which are available to all who race in our series, click below to find out you can save money!!


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Rocky Mountain ATV/MC is back with their “Race Gas” Contingency program for all our racers: Click here for more info!


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It pays to FLY in FLY RACING Gear Contingency Program: Click here for more info!

For more info on general event rules & available classes click on the following links:

General event info & rules click here

Race classes & rules click here


Gate Fees:

**Gates Close Saturday Evening @ 11pm**

**Gates Re-Open Sunday Morning @ 7am**

Kids 5 & under are FREE

Ages 6-12 = $10 per person

Ages 13 & up = $15 per person


Racer Registration Fees:

Peewee Bike & Mini Quad Classes = $25.00

Youth Bike & Quad Classes = $30.00

Adult Bike & Quad Amateur Classes = $35.00

Adult Bike & Quad Pro Classes = $45.00

Pit Bikes All Classes = $25.00

Moto Moms = $25.00

Strider & Stacyc = Free


We do not have any membership fees & we do not require AMA cards.

Riders will be required to have a transponder which is used to record your laps and laps times when you come through the finish area. Our transponders are the stick on type which go on the back side of your helmet. The transponders are a one time cost of $10.00, sorry we cant rent them out per race. It will be a one time purchase and as long as you don’t damage it, lose it or switch helmets. If you already have one of these stick on style transponders from any other race series, you are good to go as long as it passes the reader test at registration. Also there is no such thing as a “annual renewal/programming fee” with us!

Stick on style transponder

Stick on style transponder

Race Day Schedule:

Gates Open Sunday Morning @ 7am

Peewee Bike Registration 7:15am – 7:50am

Peewee Bike Race (30 mins) 8:00am – 8:30am

Mini Quad Registration 7:15am – 8:35am

Mini Quad Race (30 mins) 8:45am – 9:15am

Youth Bike Registration 7:15am – 9:35am

Youth Bike Race (45 mins) 9:45am – 10:30am

Youth Quad Registration 7:15am – 10:35am

Youth Quad Race (45 mins) 10:45am – 11:30am

Adult Bike Registration 7:15am – 12:15pm

Adult Bike Race (2 hours) 12:30pm – 2:30pm

Adult Quad Registration 12:00pm – 3:15pm

Adult Quad Race (1 hour 30 mins) 3:30pm – 5:00pm


Strider / Stacyc Races Approx 4:00pm

Strider / Stacyc Registration (Free) – Meet at start area around 4:00pm

Sunday Evening Special Events:

Pitbike Race (30mins) Approx 5:30pm

Pit Bike Registration 7:15am – 5:15pm
MotoMom Race (20mins) Approx 6:15pm

MotoMom Registration 7:15am – 5:15pm
Strider / Stacyc Races Approx 4:00pm

Strider / Stacyc Registration (Free) – Meet at start area around 4:00pm

Track Address:


Check out Google Map link below to get step by step directions from your address.