2021 Season Championship Qualifications Clarification

Tim W | 22 September 2021 | 2021 Events | |    

In case you missed the announcements at Rd#9 The Mothman XC:

Due to the crazy weather that mother nature dumped on us half way thru our race day during Rd#5 & Rd#8, we have decided to add another points round of racing to help make up for the adult quad cancellations & horrible conditions during the adult bike races.

We ran several different scenarios of how to make up these races and the best solution was to hold another “Double Header” event for every division at Constitution Ridge on the weekend of Oct 2nd & 3rd! This is not a “Double Points Race” but it will be 2 separately scored events held in one weekend at one location!

Constitution Double Header Flyer copy


We have received quite a few questions on how the points will be affected by the additional race so I updated the qualification requirements and have them listed below as well as Ironman Award Qualifications!

We wish you all the best of luck on the final 2 races of the season and hope to see you all the weekend of Oct 2nd & 3rd at Constitution Ridge!!


2021 Season Championship Qualifications:

All Divisions will now have a 11 round points race series for the 2021 Season (except adult quads, see below). To be eligible for the season ending Championship Trophy and Prizes, you must race at least 8 of the 11 races in the same class and same division and complete at least 1 lap. DNF’s and DNS’s do not count towards the required 8 races for a championship. Class championships will be determined by the rider’s best 8 event finishes. So you will now have 3 throw away races for 2021! (except adult quads, see below)

Special Note for Adult Quads:

Due to the bad weather & cancellation of the races at Rd# 5 Husted Hills 2 & Rd#8 Black Rock XC, the Adult Quad division will now be the best 7 of 9 races for the 2021 series championships, so you still have 2 throwaways for this season!

Ties for year end class championships or other class positions will be broken by the most first place finishes throughout the season, if tied in wins, they will be broken by the best finish in the final points race of the season.


Ironman Award Qualification:

Since we originally planned for 10 points rounds this season, we are going to stick with 10 points rounds counting toward the Ironman Award Qualification for all divisions except the Adult Quads which will be 9 points rounds counting toward their Ironman Award Qualification!