2020 Race Dates Announced

Tim W | 09 February 2020 | Site News | |    

Below are the dates that we will be holding our points rounds during the 2020 season, we have several potential new locations to look at within the next week or so. Once that is done we will finish filling in locations and will have the full schedule with locations released before the awards banquet!

RD#1 – Sunday March 29th

RD#2 – Sunday April 26th

RD#3 – Sunday May 10th

RD#4 – Sunday May 24th

RD#5 – Sunday June 14th

RD#6 – Sunday July 12th

RD#7 – Sunday August 2nd

RD#8 – Sunday August 23rd

RD#9 – Sunday September 20th

RD#10 – Sunday October 4th