Attention All Racing Dads: Get Ready For The Fathers Day Challenge!!!

Tim W | 09 June 2019 | Site News | |    


Go dig your race gear out of the garage, blow the dust off your race machines and get ready to have some fun with your kids on June 16th at Warrior Raceway in Vincent, OH !

Since we will be racing on Father’s Day we have come up with a special “Fathers Day Challenge” planned for our racers and their racing Dads. We have some special awards being made for the fastest father son or daughter racing team during this event based off of total combined overall positions, the lowest total combined being the winners.

Read below for the details and examples on how this will work:

We are going to pick 6 winners for these special awards, 1 per each of our race divisions. Example: peewee bike & quad, youth bike & quad, adult bike & quad.

Points will be awarded based on overall finish positions, 1 point per the place you finish in the overall. The entry’s will be placed into whatever division your child normally races in and the team with the lowest total overall positions will win that division award. Keep in mind you will be racing your own race in your own division based on our regular schedule, we are just combining the points based on your individual finish’s to create the “team”.

Example: If your child normally races mini quads and finish’s 2nd overall and you race adult bike or quad and you finish 25th overall then your combined position points of 27 will be placed under the mini quad division. If your child normally races adult bike or quad and finish’s 35th overall and you race adult bike or quad and finish 40th overall then your combined overall position points of 75 will be placed under the adult bike or quad division.

Winners be will announced and awarded after the Adult Bike & Adult Quad division race points have been posted and finalized after each race. To get signed up for this special team challenge just show up on race day and both the father/kid must come to sign up trailer at the same time and we will have a special sign up form for you guys to fill out.

So get those race machines prepped and ready and let’s all get together and have a great time on Fathers Day at Warrior Raceway in Vincent, OH next Sunday the 16th!

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