Attention all WEXCR Snowshoe GNCC racers! T-Shirt Reservation Deadline Sat June 18th!!

Tim W | 02 June 2022 | Site News | |    

To keep our 12th annual Snowshoe GNCC tradition alive we are in the process of getting our special Snowshoe Edition T-shirts made to help show support to our local WEXCR racers who are going to be competing at the Snowshoe GNCC coming up on June 25th & 26th 2022. We have a new T-shirt design and it will have all of our racers names listed on the backs of the shirts.

This is limited only to WEXCR racers that will be entering into the Snowshoe GNCC event and each racer entering the event will receive 1 FREE T-shirt! Additional T-shirts will be available for family & friends for $20 each while supplies last if you don’t reserve one.

T-shirts will be available for pickup in the Lobby of the Seneca Lodge on Friday Evening from 7:00pm to 8:00pm (see map below)  We will also be down at the big platform behind the village and finish line area on Saturday evening at 6:30pm & our big group photo with all our racers and supporters will be Saturday evening at 7:00pm.

Seneca Pickup copy

Front Door

Platform copy


In order to make this happen we need all Racer Names & Tshirt sizes must be emailed by Saturday June 18th in order to get the shirts made in time. You must email to in order to reserve your shirts, social media messages, texts, etc are not acceptable, once again all requests must be emailed to! Make sure you double check your info posted on the list below, if there is an error with spelling, sizes or qty’s please send an email to with corrections needed.

If you want to be guaranteed an extra shirt for family or friends make sure you list extras in your email to us and you will pay for them when you pick them up at Snowshoe (we now have the capability to accept debit or credit cards). See below for the list of racers that have already submitted their info and reserved extras. We will try to keep this list updated every evening until the deadline.

2021 Snowshoe Team

2021 WEXCR Snowshoe GNCC Team

I know this is short notice but help us spread the word and lets help support our series racers as they go to tackle “Americas Toughest Race!”

Abbott Dacota XL XL
Abbott Brinlee YS
Arsenault Baylee YL M L
Arsenault Bracin YM
Arsenault LuLu YXS
Bassett Jason L M
Brady Ryland M XL
Butcher Brandt M XL M M S L 2XL
Butcher Addie S S XL YXL
Carrico Garrett XL
Channell Racer M
Colgrove Isaac L S XL
Cornell Tyler
Cunningham Dakota M M M
Cunningham Joseph L L L
Cunningham Wesley YS XL
Curfman Wyatt M 2XL
Curfman Allison S L
Davis Dillon L
Dooley Johnathan L M
Duvall Thad L M
Duvall Jacobi YXS
Edgar Eli XL 2XL
Ervin Lance L
Evans Sam L S 2XL
Evans Boston
Evans Billy L
Evans Ryker L
Fleming Patrick L
Flinner Hayden M
George Karson YL M L
Gryszka Vincent “Steakhouse”
Gwynn Payton M M
Hardy Jamison
Hughes Doug L
Husted Jeff M
Irwin Isaac YL
Irwin Jay L M XL
Jeffers Bryce L
Kelly Chris M
Landrum Trason YS
Landrum Tristan L
Lane Chad L
Lipscomb Jay
Lusk Devin L
Lynn Tyler XL
Martin Karlie S
Metheny Scott XL M
Miller Tyler XL
Mitchell Jace YM XL 3XL S
Moore Gauge L
Morris Layne M M
Morris Wes L
Myers Brady M
Neal Brycen L S
Olian Louis XL 2XL
Olian Christian YL YL
Owens Branden S S XL
Saunders Jace L
Snider Johnny 2XL 2XL XL L
Sparks Brody S
Sparks Mary S
Spencer Dezyl
Staats Cade S S S XL
Stoops Caleb S
Stoops Brayson YL
Stoops Cayson YXS
Stuter Aaron L XL
Stuter Ryker YXS
Thieman Alex L
Weddle Stratton YL
White Tim XL M
Williams Austin
Wood Tim XL
Young Kyle XL L