Attn: All Powerline Park GNCC Co-Sanction Racers

Tim W | 27 October 2018 | Site News | |    

If you raced at the Powerline Park GNCC Co-sanction event and you want to receive WEXCR points, please take a moment and make sure your name is on the list below. This list contains the names of the racers that followed the instructions published on our website to receive WEXCR points for the event. We understand that some forget or don’t know the proper sign up process for these co-sanction events.  Since this was the last points paying event for the season, we want to make sure every racer gets what they worked for. So if your name is NOT on the list below and you raced the Co-sanction event you must contact us via email (click here) by Saturday Nov 3rd with your name, WEXCR class & GNCC class that you raced, as all season points will be considered final and uploaded to our website on Nov 4th.

Youth Quad
Brock Lauer
Devin Mercer
Evan Grannon
Jeremy Darnold
Tyler Cox
Adult Quad
Bryce Jeffers
Brycen C Neal
Caden Rine
Chad Lane
Chris Bowman
Chris Conklin
Cody Moore
Cody Stewart
Cody A Collier
Corey Miller
Dallas Goins
Eric Darnold
Ethan Stalder
Greg Wise
Ian Dickens
Jacob Scott
James Green
Jayce Denny
Jeff Baker
Josh Britton
Kade Olexo
Kolton Csuhta
Nycol Lane
RJ Peterson
Ron Barberic
Sam Zombotti
Scott Cooper Jr
Tanner Walker
Tayler Wooldridge
Troy Gum II
Tyler Strahler
Tyler Rumpke
Tyler Q Miller
Austin Seelig
Jamie McCoy
Jeremy Wallis
John Baughman
Kyle Chaney
Mark Strahler
Micheal Cox
Scotty Lawerence
Trevor Payne
Youth Bike
Anthony Morgan
Blaceton Moore
Braden Hashman
Braydon Steele
Bryce Delancey
Cade Staats
Cale Willis
Courtney Miller
Dakota Cunningham
Hunter Hurst
J.W Cobb
Jake Lepage
Jaron Bates
Jayden Woodgeaud
Jeremiah Jackson
Jinson Harper
Joseph R Cunningham
Landon Hamilton
Layne Morris
Michael Weese
Nicholas Thompson
Parker Todd
Payton Gwynn
Reed Willis
Adult Bike
Adam Midkiff
Alex berkfield
Ayden Bevel
Billy Evans
Blake Matheny
Bryan Flowers Sr
Casey Peper
Cody Wadsworth
Connor Mcclellan
Cope Beckert
Daniel Blevins
Danny Palmateer
Drew Norris
Dustin Anderson
Garrett Olexo
Gary Vallish
James Igleheart
Jason Lipscomb
Jerry Otto
Jonathon Abshire
Jordan Boring
Joshua Borland
Lavern Yoder
Levi Keller
Louis Olian
Marshall Young
Matt Barrett
Michael Kunik
Michael Ragno
Michael Adkins
Michael Hixson
Mike Downs
Mitch Peters
Nathan Saving
Robert Bates
Ryan Berkfield
Scott Metheny
Stephen Peters
Tanner Forester
Tanner Collins
Tate Evans
TJ Bretthauer
Tom Dotson
Travis Nighland
Tyler Soriano
Wayne Perdue
Wesley Lester
Wyatt Bell
Zach Klamfoth
Zach Dotson