Attn: Snowshoe GNCC Racer Tshirt Pickup Info Updated

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To keep our Snowshoe GNCC tradition alive we are in the process of getting some special T-shirts made to help show support to our local WEXCR racers who are going to be racing at the Snowshoe GNCC coming up on June 20th & 21st 2015. We are going to come up with a new tshirt design and we will have all our racers names & GNCC classes listed on the back of the shirts. This is limited only to WEXCR racers that will be entering into the Snowshoe event and each racer entering the event will receive 1 FREE Tshirt! Additional T-shirts will be available for family & friends for $15 each will supplies last and they will be available for pickup at Adam McGill’s Pro Pits on Friday from 6pm to 8pm & Saturday from 9am to 10am before ATV Races at the Snowshoe GNCC. We will all meet at the platform behind what is normally the finish area on Saturday evening at 6pm for a big group photo with all our racers and supporters. If you are unable to pickup your shirt at McGill’s Pits, we will have the shirts with us at the platform Saturday eve.


2014 WEXCR Snowshoe Team

In order to make this happen we need all Racer Names, Bike or Quad GNCC class name & Tshirt sizes emailed to us Before Wednesday June 10th in order to get the shirts made in time. If you want to be guaranteed an extra shirt for family or friends make sure you list extras in your email to us. I know this is short notice but help us spread the word and lets help support our series racers as they go to tackle “Americas Toughest Race!”


2014 Snowshoe Team Shirts

See below for the final list of WEXCR Racers for the 2015 Snowshoe Team


2015 WEXCR Snowshoe GNCC Team Final List updated 6-11-15 1pm
Bikes Class Size
Thad Duvall XC1 L
Sam Evans XC2 XL
Bob Dunlap Open A L
Larry Silvia Open A M
Lex Curry Open A L
Triston Landrum A Lites L
Brady Myers A Lites M
Cody Martin B Lites M
Eric Breitmeier Jr A/B 25+ L
James Bennett 40+ A XL
Steve Thaxton Masters A L
Dawn Silvia Womens Amatuer YL
Aaron Stuter Open C L
Austin Blevins Open C M
Cody Wadsworth Open C XL
Ross Spencer 250C L
Gage Collins 250C M
Nick Chancey 250C M
Aaron Scheibelhood 200 C M
Matt Holleron 200 C L
Blake Matheny 125 B/C M
Colton Fallon 125 B/C L
Wes Morris 35+ Vet C L
James Igleheart 35+ Vet C L
Andy Grogg 40+ Sr C XL
Thomas Morrison 60+ Masters XL
Justin Parsons Sportsman A L
Brodey Linville Sportsman A M
Nick Flowers Sportsman B L
Charles Morrison Jr Sportsman B M
Nic Busch Sportsman B L
Boston Evans Sportsman B M
Greg Tenney Sportsman B L
Jayce Knopp Super Mini 14-15 M
Blayke Coler Super Mini 14-15 S
Jaason Lipscomb Super Mini 14-15 M
Wyatt Bell Super Mini 14-15 S
Cole Knotts Super Mini 14-15 M
Isaac Gribble Super Mini 12-13 S
Bryce Merrill Super Mini 12-13 L
Chase Ingalls 85 12-13 S
Tyler Silvia 85 12-13 YL
Braden Hashman 65cc 10-11 YL
Payton Gwynn 65cc 10-11 YL
Michael Miller 65cc 10-11 YL
Justin “Tentative” Fallon 30+ Vet C XL
Tim “If Justin Races, I’m Racing” Wood 30+ Vet C XL
Quads Class Size
Adam McGill XC1 L
Brycen Neal XC1 L
Braden Henthorn XC1 M
Cody Collier XC2 M
Tyler Wears College A L
Dylan Edwards College A L
Dustin Burkhammer 22+ Jr A XL
Mike McAvoy 22+ Jr A M
Dustin Hendershot 28+ Vet A L
Brandon Sommers 28+ Vet A M
Jamie Wells College B M
Tyler Creel College B L
Brandon Thompson College B M
Sam Lamp 30+ Vet B XL
Zac Zakowski 4×4 Pro XL
Jon Barker 45+ Sr XL
Paul Holleron 55+ Silver Masters L
Zac Miller Schoolboy Jr S
Evan Timko 19+ C L
Eric Buchwald 19+ C XL
Jacob Burkhammer 16-18 C L
Devan Barker 16-18 C M
Tom Sunderlin 24+ C L
Chad Walters 40+ C 2XL
Torren Johnson Sportsman A XL
Josh Doyle 90 Limited S
Riley Doyle 90 Limited S
Gage Collins 1 XL
Gage Collins 1 L
Gage Collins 1 S
Gage Collins 1 YM
Justin Parsons 1 S
Justin Parsons 1 L
Josh Doyle 2 L
Riley Doyle 1 2XL
Jayce Knopp 1 L
Jayce Knopp 1 XL
Blayke Coler 1 M
Isaac Gribble 1 2XL
Isaac Gribble 1 M
Brodey Linville 1 S
Tom Sunderlin 1 S
Aaron Stuter 1 M
Jaason Lipscomb 1 M
Jaason Lipscomb 2 S
Andy Grogg 1 M
Andy Grogg 1 L
Braden Hashman 1 M
Braden Hashman 1 L
Colton Fallon 2 M
Colton Fallon 1 YM
Charles Morrison Jr 1 2XL
Nic Busch 1 M
Nic Busch 1 2XL
Kevin Miller 1 L
Aimee Miller 1 XL
Wes Morris 1 M
Wes Morris 1 YM
Nicole Hendershot 1 S
Nick Chancey 1 S
Nick Chancey 1 L
Eric Breitmeier/Wise 3 XL
Eric Breitmeier/Wise 1 L
Eric Breitmeier/Wise 1 S
Hayley Henthorn 1 M
Lowell Warden 1 XL
Julie Warden 1 M
Greg Tenney 1 M
Brandon Sommers 1 S
Dylan Edwards 2 M
Dylan Edwards 1 S
Dylan Edwards 1 2XL
Lex Curry 1 M
James Bennett 1 YS
James Igleheart 1 XL
Cole Knotts 1 S
Cole Knotts 1 L
Cole Knotts 1 2XL
Vikki Wood 1 M
Brooke Carter 1 M
Brittany Hesson 1 S
Brayden Mathess 1 L
Mikey Daugherty 1 XL
Zach Blair 1 M
Josh Smith 1 M
Myra Smith 1 S
Justin Smith 1 M
Lindsey Smith 1 S
Debbie 1 M
Eric Creel 1 XL
Melaina Creel 1 M
Debbie Webb 1 M