Attention All UTV Racers

Tim W | 15 March 2019 | Site News | |    

We regret to make this announcement and I apologize ahead of time for the delay in getting the news posted.

Unfortunately for the 2019 race season we will no longer be able to keep our UTV classes as part of our racing series. To keep a long story short we are running out of property owners that will allow us to run them due to all the extra wear and tear on their land. With our turnouts in the past, it is just not feasible to continue to jeopardize the possibility of not having a place to even race our bike and quad classes in the future.

As mentioned above I apologize for the delay in releasing this news, as I have looked at quite a few potential properties the past few months in hopes that maybe we could find some new places that would be a good fit to at least have a few rounds but unfortunately nothing has worked out yet. I appreciate all your support in the past and I hope you all enjoyed the events that you were able to race with us! Maybe we can pull together a one off event or two for you guys in the future! If anyone has any properties that is willing to lease to us or if anyone is interested in helping sponsor such an event, please send us a email here.