Out with the old & in with the new…

Tim W | 05 January 2014 | Site News | |    

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas & New Years holidays with all your family & friends. After finalizing our 2013 season Awards Banquet we backed off the throttle a little and took a few weeks off from our racing world to catch up some relaxation & family time during our holiday season. But now its time to open that throttle back up a little to finish get everything in place for another great season of racing!

I have been working behind the scenes on getting our new website back up and running with all the needed content and I’m hoping to get everything released within the next couple weeks. We will also be releasing the 2014 online race number reservation system to so stay tuned for more info on it…

We had some good racer turnouts with some packed classes during the 2013 season and we anticipate to continue to grow during 2014 and beyond. We are planning on adding a few new classes to our adult bike & quad division for this season. We’ve got a few ideas on the direction that we are heading but if you all have any suggestions shoot us an email and let us here it.

On Sunday April 6th we will be back to wide open as we kick off the 2014 race season at the Duck Creek facility located in Logan, OH. I’m sure those of you that raced here in 2013 will never forget that event as mother nature dealt us several inch’s of snow that afternoon which made it quite challenging & memorable for everyone! We now have the remaining 2014 race dates posted and we are working on finalizing the TBA locations so stay tuned for more info to be posted soon. We are always looking for new locations to hold our events so if you know of any check out the details located on the bottom of the schedule page.

While you all are in the process of prepping your race machines for this season, make sure you check with these companies that helped sponsor our series in 2013 and help support them with a little business over our winter break. Make sure you thank them for helping give you guys a great place to race!!!

See you all soon!