Round#2 track update:

Tim W | 07 May 2021 | Site News | |    

Hey guys we are getting tons of questions asking if we are still racing at Husted Hills this Sunday! So here is the answer, as of Friday at 4pm: we are working hard and praying that we can still race on Sunday!

We just rode the course we had originally intended and made some modifications to be able to race in current conditions for Sunday. I can say dust will not be an issue this round!

We are watching the forecast and radar closely and understand there is rain potential rain this evening and more in the forecast for Sunday. We are being optimistic and praying that it will not happen until later in the day or maybe it will break up and miss us all together! There is also the possibility that it may hit us and we will get a bunch more rain this evening and we may have to cancel the event. I do not like waiting until the last minute to cancel a event but I do not want to pull the plug too early either. So with that being said, the final call on the race status will be announced on our website and social media on Saturday @ 3pm.

At the landowners request, we ask that if you are planning on coming to camp on Saturday evening, please make plans to leave the campers and big box trailers at home for this event. Make plans load up the 4×4 pickup trucks and come join us on Sunday if we are able to proceed with the race. This will help provide easier accessible parking and keep from potentially tearing up the landowners fields. Our dozer is broke down and we currently don’t have a way to tow any big campers or trailers

So keep praying for decent weather with us and we will give you guys an update tomorrow afternoon @ 3pm!