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Unfortunately our points season has come to an end but before we hang up all our tools for the season, we are going to host one last fun racing event for 2019 on Saturday October 19th @ the Mothman XC track outside of Leon, WV! For this event we have plans to layout a little different easier fun filled course that will give riders at any skill level at great opportunity to get some great seat time & have some fun racing with their team mates to see who is the fastest team in their class!

For those of you that have never raced in a team race before, its the most fun you’ll ever have racing, that is if you have a fast partner, lol… The concept is pretty simple, find yourself a team mate of similar skill level (no sandbagging) and you can either share a machine or ride your own. If you cant find a team mate we are offering an Ironman class open to amateur racers only or if you are a pro you can enter the Ironman Pro Challenge and start on the last row!

On raceday, come to the registration trailer and you will be put in your desired class under a team name of your choice. You will be given one special armband (don’t lose it) and both riders will have numbered stickers and transponders on your helmet for scoring. You will then need to decide who will start the race for your team, which this start will not be the traditional start that you are used to seeing. We will be doing a Le Mans style start, basically you will run to your machine for the start and bike riders your partner will have to be holding up your motorcycle from behind.

Once the race is off and running your team mate will be in a designated impound area awaiting your arrival for a switch off, which you can do as often as you like just as long as you are within 1 lap of your partner at the end of the race. Remember that special armband, the rider that is out on the track must have this armband around their right hand at all times. When you decide to switch riders in the impound area you must also switch this armband, if you come through scoring and you do not have your armband you will not be scored for that lap, so make sure you keep track of the armband at all times and most importantly do not lose it!! You will race for the duration that is designated for your division which is found below along with the classes & team event rules.

The parking area at this facility has fairly easy off the road access and there is room to bring in your toy haulers or campers in to make it a full weekend family adventure with us. Gates close at 11pm Friday night and you are welcome to stay again Saturday if you wish as we have plans for a potluck style cookout and some evening entertainment in store. There is a few areas that are perfectly level and others have a slight slop so make sure you bring some extra boards to help level your camper up. As always there is no extra charge for primitive camping. See the bottom of this page for track address & directions.

Check out all the great contingency programs that are available to all racers that signup for the team race:


AOMC also has an awesome “Braap Coin” Contingency program in store for all racers with our series this season: Click here for more info!


Rocky Mountain ATV/MC is back with their “Race Gas” Contingency program for all our racers: Click here for more info!


Basic Rules in addition to our general race rules:

  • Each team must have two riders, teams can use 1 or 2 machines and in the event of a break down the team can continue on one machine if needed.
  • Team racers must be on similar skill level, example you can be one class different but you must run the higher class, example a “B” & “C” rider can race “B” class together but they can’t run “C” class.
  • Racers 30 or older can race in Vet 30+ no matter of amateur skill level, sorry no pro’s…
  • Le-mans style start (run to your bike/quad) with 30 second offset between rows.
  • You must exchange riders inside the impound area only.
  • You must exchange wristband to complete switch and you must finish the race within 1 lap of your partner or your last laps will be deleted to get you back to within the 1 lap range.
  • Repairs and refueling must take place inside impound area only and only team members are permitted in impound area after the Adult race begins.
  • If you are towed back into impound by track official/sweeper that lap doesn’t count, you can either repair your machine inside impound and continue racing or switch to your team mates machine.
  • We are offering a Iron man class if you can’t find a team mate and the class is an open class to any amateur skill level, sorry no Pro’s. Although we do have a special Pro Ironman Challenge class which will start on the very last line.
  • At the request of several racers we are offering a Father/Son class (any parent/child team configuration allowed) in our adult divisions – which youth racers with 80cc+ bikes and youth quad advanced racers are permitted to race in this division with their parents on adult sized machines. The adult track layout will be fairly easy just longer than the peewee & youth layouts in the AM.


Peewee Bikes – 40min +1 Lap

Super (65cc 2 stroke max/110cc 4 stroke max)

2 Stroke (50cc 2 stroke only)

4 Stroke (50cc 4 stroke only)

Ironman (1 Racer only)


Mini Quads – 40min +1 Lap

Super Mini Quad (125cc max)

Mini Quad 90 (90cc max)

Mini Quad 70 (70cc max)

Iron man (1 Racer only)


Youth Bikes – 1.5 hr + 1 Lap

Super: (85cc Big Wheels & 150cc 4 Stroke max)

Intermediate: (85cc 2 Stroke max)

Novice: (65cc 2 Stroke max)

Ironman (1 Racer only)


Adult Bikes – 2 hr + 1 Lap

Pro (100% Payback)

Open A

Open B

Open C

Vet 30+

Sr 40+

Super Sr 50+

Masters 60+

Father & Son

Iron man (1 Racer only)

Pro Iron man Challenge (1 Racer only – starts last row)


Adult Quad – 2 hr +1 Lap

Pro (100% Payback)

Open A

Open B

Open C

Vet 30+

Sr 40+

Utility 4X4

Father & Son

Schoolboy (Youth Quads Max 200cc 2 Stroke & 300cc 4 stroke)

Iron man (1 Racer only)

Pro Iron man Challenge (1 Racer only – starts last row)

Gate Fees:

Kids 5 & under = FREE

Ages 6-12 = $10 per person

Ages 13 & up = $15 per person

Racer Registration Fees:

Peewee Bike/Mini Quad Division Teams = $50 per team

Peewee Bike/Mini Quad Ironman = $25 per racer

Youth & Adult Bike/Quad Division Teams = $60.00 per team

Youth & Adult Bike/Quad Iron man = $30 per racer

Adult Bike/Quad PRO Teams = $80 per team

Adult Bike/Quad PRO Ironman Challenge = $40 per racer

Riders will also be required to have a transponder which is used to record your laps and laps times when you come through the finish area. Our transponders are the stick on type which go on the back side of your helmet. The transponders are a one time cost of $10.00, sorry we cant rent them out per race. It will be a one time purchase and as long as you don’t damage it, lose it or switch helmets. If you already have one of these stick on style transponders from any other race series, you are good to go as long as it passes the reader test at registration. Also there is no such thing as a “annual renewal/programming fee” with us!

Stick on style transponder

Stick on style transponder

If you have a transponder that you have used throughout our points season you can use it as long as it passes read test.

Race Day Schedule:

Gates Open Saturday Morning @ 7am

Registration opens @ 7:15am


Peewee Bike Race (40 mins +1 lap) 8:00am start

Mini Quad Race (40 mins +1 lap) 9:00am start

Youth Bike Race (1.5 hours + 1 lap) 10:00am start

Adult Bike Race (2 hours + 1 lap) 12:00pm start

Adult Quad Race (2 hours + 1 lap) 3:00pm start

Track Address:

3107 Debbie Rd, Leon, WV 25123

Use this map link for directions to the track

Directions Tip:

If you have a RV, pulling a camper or large box trailer and are coming from the north, ex. Parkersburg/ Marietta area. If your using a GPS or smartphone app it will more than likely direct you off of RT 87 unto Leon Baden Road or off of RT2 onto some small side roads. DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT take any of these roads!!  Yes it maybe shorter mileage wise, but its only a few minutes longer and much better to stay on paved roads if you continue towards Pt Pleasant on RT 2 and turn off onto RT 62 and follow it until you come to Debbie Rd and don’t forget to look for Red Arrows when you get near!


38°47’39.3″N 81°58’54.6″W